Monday, 21 April 2014

Recent Project : Sri Kembangan

We will share some of the recent project executed by Sprinklerhouz. The first of the series is from Sri Kembangan.

The client requested for automatic irrigation system for the whole bungalow. Both drip and underground pop up sprinkler system were recommended to fulfill the requirements.

Both Rainbird and Hunter Sprinklers were used accordingly based on the area of coverage. Rainbird 5000 Rotor were used for 25-30ft radius while Hunter Pro Spray were used for 8-12ft radius.

A total of six water timers from two water source were used for the whole system. Water supply direct from Syabas. No pump and water tank were used. 

Water pressure is about 25-30 psi. This enabled combination of two rotors or four spray to be used for each water timers.

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