Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Irrigation Water Timer (2)

Why do need Water Timer?
Water source for irrigation system, either from tap water, rain harvesting system, water pool with pump, water tank or others, has its limitation in term of the water pressure and flowrate.

For example, Mr Ryan is planning to use his house Syabas Water Tap for his lawn area irrigation system. The water pressure is 25psi and flowrate of 15 L/minute. 
Based on this information, he can only use 4 Pop-Up sprinklers at a particular time
However, his lawn area require 8 Pop-Up sprinklers, what should he do?

This is where the Irrigation Water Timer become relevant.  He  can use Two Water Timers to solve the problem and provide fully automatic irrigation system.

Eg. The first water timer which is connected to 4 pop up sprinklers will turn on from 0800-0815 while the second water timer which is connected to another 4 pop up sprinklers will  turn on from 0816-0830.

With this configuration, he preserves the water pressure and flowrate for  First & Second Timer.
Hope my explanations help.

 Note: Please click here to go previous post about type of water timers. For product info, please go to www.sprinklerhouz.com

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