Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Irrigation Water Timer

There are two main types of Automatic Irrigation Timer:
a) Electric Supply + Solenoid Valve

b) Battery Supply with Build in Valve (Right :Solar  + Rainstop Build In)

We have installed both types of Irrigation Timer for our projects. Below are my opinions:

a) Electric Supply + Solenoid Valve
Cons: A little bit troublesome. Instead on working with Plumbing work only, you need to work with electrical wires and system. Usually, we will place the solenoid valves close to the Water Timer to avoid long underground wiring. This will require almost double/quadruple the amount piping required.
Pros: Look nicer because only One Timer for every ~6 valves.

b) Battery Supply with Build in Valve
Cons: Isolated systems. Need to configure many timers for big projects!
Pros: Only plumbing works required. Individual isolated system and thus easy to maintain and service. Timer can be placed far apart from each other as long as it has a water source. Come with optional Solar feature. Just use rechargeable batteries and the system will run for years. Cheaper overall cost compared to option a).

Conclusion: Personally, i prefer option b)

P/s: Both type of timers can have optional rainstop /rain sensor as attachment.

For more info, you may go to We provide irrigation solution to residence and commercial landscape.


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