Saturday, 18 January 2014

Underground Pop Up Sprinkler

Pop Up sprinkler is mainly used for grass/lawn area. The main benefits of Pop Up sprinkler includes :

  • Save labor cost & time
  • Security. When you go for holiday, worry free! You don’t have to trouble your neighbor/friend/others. Protect your landscape investment the smart way.
  • Save Water, Save the World
  • "It is Pop Up !!  It looks extremely cool. I show off to all my visiting family & friends. You can manually set it on and off with a push of a button," Mr Amir (Satisfied Customer-2013).
The main sprinkler canister will be buried underground and barely visible from the surface.
When water tab is turned on, the sprinkler head will pop up above ground using only the water pressure. No battery/electrical power needed to make the sprinkler head pop up above ground.

Sprinkler heads/nozzles are available in different rise/pop-up  length; 2”, 4” even 12”. The choice depends mainly on the spray radius required and the water pressure available.

Two main type of sprinkler heads / nozzles available ;
  •  Spray Head- With adjustable  arc nozzle , Eg. 40-360 degree  or fix 90,180,270,360  degree.
  •  Rotor Head- Usually used for bigger radius / lawn coverage.  It comes with  adjustable arc nozzle.

See demo video of pop up sprinkler by SprinklerHouz.

There are also fancy spray head available in the market today that can produce nicely synchronized stream of water.

 Hunter Fancy Spray Head

Demo video set by SprinklerHouz & Hunter.

P/s: Install  pop up sprinkler with water timer to make the irrigation system fully automatic. Eg, sprinkler for 5 mins, twice a day, 8am and 4pm. At SprinklerHouz, we utilize Hunter & Rain Bird Spray/Rotor Pop Up Sprinkler for our projects.

For more info, including Drip Irrigation & Misting System, go to  . We provide Irrigation System design, installation & maintenance in Malaysia.

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