Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Drip Nozzle

There are many types of drip nozzle. You may change it according to your preference and needs.

At sprinklerhouz, you can get all the varieties of the drip nozzle type. 
Some nozzle has adjustable cap to adjust the flowrate, some has pressure "regulator" to allow constant flowrate, some has moving part while some don't. 

For flower pots (Pasu Bunga), you may go for the one with minitube extension and dripper with stand(orange).

Different types of nozzle also provide varying spray/drip distance.The following videos shows some of the pattern produce by the different type of nozzle for drip system.

Dripper with Adjustable Cap

Nozzle with 1-2m Spray Radius (No Moving Part)

Nozzle with Dripper and Misting Combo

As mentioned in the previous post, Drip System can be installed DIY for residence unit. The basic units includes Water Timer, Soft Polypipe and nozzles. With the package, you can now go for holiday without worrying about you precious plants. 

You may get the DIY unit from Sprinklerhouz.com through COD or Postage.

We will discuss about Misting System in the next post. Misting is ideal for Orchids  (pokok orkids) or mushroom (cendawan).

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