Sunday, 19 January 2014

PVC Union Connector

PVC pipe and connector are important parts of irrigation system. Other than the usual elbows, Ts and cross overs, one of the coolest piece of connectors is the Union Connector. It basically uses screwing action to connect two PVC pipes. You just need to screw/unscrew to connect/disconnect the pipes.

When to use it?
Some people use it when there is a small leakage/broken pipe.
For me, i use it at the location where i need to replace the section of the pipe/device periodically for maintenance. 
E.g,. At the Irrigation Water Timer (Before & After). 

How to use it?
Provide both ends of the pipes with male connector. Screw the female part of Union Connector tightly to the male connector; same steps for both sides. Use Teflon tape to provide seal to the threaded area.
Male Connector

For full video, click here.

P/s: There are also some other type of fittings/connectors that can do exactly the function, such as PVC Compression Connector which uses Slip-On instead of Screwing Method. Personally, i prefer screwing type. They are stronger and more reliable in my opinion.


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