Monday, 21 April 2014

Recent Project : Planters' Haven

The area of coverage for this lot of bungalow land is massive. Both drip and pop up sprinklers were installed.

The system were installed during the dry season in February 2014. Note the green grass around the house compound due to the Sprinkler System installation after merely 2 weeks.

Recent Project : Titiwangsa

Another project in KL area. It is a nice bungalow house near Tasik Titiwangsa. 

The project is quite interesting because the owner has Rain Water Harvesting System. Basically, all the water from the roof is channel to a underground concrete tank (about 1500 gallons water). Grundfos pump and water filter were used for the system.

Both drip and sprinkler system were installed. Both Rainbird Rotor and Hunter Spray were used.

Drip System 

Recent Project : Nilai

The owner requested for Automatic Underground Pop Up Sprinkler for their corner lot terrace house. The existing landscape is very beautiful. Thus, Sprinklerhouz made sure the grass and soil were dug systematically for piping and sprinklers placement.

The bottom pictures were taken after installation and you can hardly see that the grass were dug for pipe layering (HDPE)

The system is relatively simple. Water source is direct from Syabas water supply with 25 psi water pressure. 2 water timers were used for 2 Rainbird rotors and 2 Hunter spray.

Battery operated timer were used. We recommend the battery(AA size) to be changed every 6 months.

Recent Project : Sri Kembangan

We will share some of the recent project executed by Sprinklerhouz. The first of the series is from Sri Kembangan.

The client requested for automatic irrigation system for the whole bungalow. Both drip and underground pop up sprinkler system were recommended to fulfill the requirements.

Both Rainbird and Hunter Sprinklers were used accordingly based on the area of coverage. Rainbird 5000 Rotor were used for 25-30ft radius while Hunter Pro Spray were used for 8-12ft radius.

A total of six water timers from two water source were used for the whole system. Water supply direct from Syabas. No pump and water tank were used. 

Water pressure is about 25-30 psi. This enabled combination of two rotors or four spray to be used for each water timers.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Irrigation Water Timer (2)

Why do need Water Timer?
Water source for irrigation system, either from tap water, rain harvesting system, water pool with pump, water tank or others, has its limitation in term of the water pressure and flowrate.

For example, Mr Ryan is planning to use his house Syabas Water Tap for his lawn area irrigation system. The water pressure is 25psi and flowrate of 15 L/minute. 
Based on this information, he can only use 4 Pop-Up sprinklers at a particular time
However, his lawn area require 8 Pop-Up sprinklers, what should he do?

This is where the Irrigation Water Timer become relevant.  He  can use Two Water Timers to solve the problem and provide fully automatic irrigation system.

Eg. The first water timer which is connected to 4 pop up sprinklers will turn on from 0800-0815 while the second water timer which is connected to another 4 pop up sprinklers will  turn on from 0816-0830.

With this configuration, he preserves the water pressure and flowrate for  First & Second Timer.
Hope my explanations help.

 Note: Please click here to go previous post about type of water timers. For product info, please go to

Monday, 20 January 2014

Pop Up Sprinkler Placement / Pattern Design

We have received many questions especially from our DIY customers regarding the placement of underground pop up sprinklers. Thus, i will explain some important points to be considered when designing Pop Up Sprinkler layout for your lawn area.

As you may know from previous posts, Pop Up Sprinklers come with many different designs and pop up heights. For Rotor type, usually the nozzle will have uniform water distribution inside the spray radius. However, for Spray type, there will be some dry spot about 1-2 ft around the pop up sprinkler. Thus, this is where the term "Head to Head" become important.

Head to Head design means one sprinkler will cover the neighboring sprinkler radius area, avoiding any possibility of dry spot (see the plan below).  This is particularly important for Spray Head type.
As you can see, all of the nozzle overlap (Head to Head) with their neighboring sprinkler.
For step by step design, you many follow the steps below:

Try to place all the underground pop up sprinklers along the perimeter instead of in the middle of the lawn. This will avoid accidental damage by lawn mower. 

For PVC pipe placement,  try to use more parallel design instead of Series to avoid nonuniform pressure distribution. For Malaysia tap water, the pressure usually ranges between 20-30 psi. This is ideal for 4 Spray  Head Type or 2 Rotor Type Pop Up Sprinkler.

Note : The drawings are extracted from Hunter Residential Sprinkler System Design Handbook.

SprinklerHouz Malaysia utilize Hunter, Rainbird, K-Rain and some other USA brand irrigation system for ultimate customer satisfaction. 

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

PVC Union Connector

PVC pipe and connector are important parts of irrigation system. Other than the usual elbows, Ts and cross overs, one of the coolest piece of connectors is the Union Connector. It basically uses screwing action to connect two PVC pipes. You just need to screw/unscrew to connect/disconnect the pipes.

When to use it?
Some people use it when there is a small leakage/broken pipe.
For me, i use it at the location where i need to replace the section of the pipe/device periodically for maintenance. 
E.g,. At the Irrigation Water Timer (Before & After). 

How to use it?
Provide both ends of the pipes with male connector. Screw the female part of Union Connector tightly to the male connector; same steps for both sides. Use Teflon tape to provide seal to the threaded area.
Male Connector

For full video, click here.

P/s: There are also some other type of fittings/connectors that can do exactly the function, such as PVC Compression Connector which uses Slip-On instead of Screwing Method. Personally, i prefer screwing type. They are stronger and more reliable in my opinion.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Underground Pop Up Sprinkler

Pop Up sprinkler is mainly used for grass/lawn area. The main benefits of Pop Up sprinkler includes :

  • Save labor cost & time
  • Security. When you go for holiday, worry free! You don’t have to trouble your neighbor/friend/others. Protect your landscape investment the smart way.
  • Save Water, Save the World
  • "It is Pop Up !!  It looks extremely cool. I show off to all my visiting family & friends. You can manually set it on and off with a push of a button," Mr Amir (Satisfied Customer-2013).
The main sprinkler canister will be buried underground and barely visible from the surface.
When water tab is turned on, the sprinkler head will pop up above ground using only the water pressure. No battery/electrical power needed to make the sprinkler head pop up above ground.

Sprinkler heads/nozzles are available in different rise/pop-up  length; 2”, 4” even 12”. The choice depends mainly on the spray radius required and the water pressure available.

Two main type of sprinkler heads / nozzles available ;
  •  Spray Head- With adjustable  arc nozzle , Eg. 40-360 degree  or fix 90,180,270,360  degree.
  •  Rotor Head- Usually used for bigger radius / lawn coverage.  It comes with  adjustable arc nozzle.

See demo video of pop up sprinkler by SprinklerHouz.

There are also fancy spray head available in the market today that can produce nicely synchronized stream of water.

 Hunter Fancy Spray Head

Demo video set by SprinklerHouz & Hunter.

P/s: Install  pop up sprinkler with water timer to make the irrigation system fully automatic. Eg, sprinkler for 5 mins, twice a day, 8am and 4pm. At SprinklerHouz, we utilize Hunter & Rain Bird Spray/Rotor Pop Up Sprinkler for our projects.

For more info, including Drip Irrigation & Misting System, go to  . We provide Irrigation System design, installation & maintenance in Malaysia.

Pop-Up Sprinkler On Call Maintenance @ Cheras Mahkota Bungalow

Today, we went to a bungalow in Cheras for on-call Pop Up Sprinklers maintenance.

The existing irrigation system was design and installed by other contractor. We were there just to repair/replace the faulty ones with new sprinklerheads. We managed to change the four faulty Sprinklerheads with new set.

We suspect the sprinklerheads were faulty for the following reasons;
i) The pop up is too high above ground
ii) Pop up sprinkler head was hit by grass cutter / lawn mower

I noticed that these problems could have been prevented  had the original contractor installed the sprinklers along the perimeter of the lawn area, instead of in the middle of the lawn. Bigger Rotor type sprinklers could be used to cover bigger area. Eg. Rainbird 5000 pop up sprinkler. You may get this from our shop.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Irrigation Water Timer

There are two main types of Automatic Irrigation Timer:
a) Electric Supply + Solenoid Valve

b) Battery Supply with Build in Valve (Right :Solar  + Rainstop Build In)

We have installed both types of Irrigation Timer for our projects. Below are my opinions:

a) Electric Supply + Solenoid Valve
Cons: A little bit troublesome. Instead on working with Plumbing work only, you need to work with electrical wires and system. Usually, we will place the solenoid valves close to the Water Timer to avoid long underground wiring. This will require almost double/quadruple the amount piping required.
Pros: Look nicer because only One Timer for every ~6 valves.

b) Battery Supply with Build in Valve
Cons: Isolated systems. Need to configure many timers for big projects!
Pros: Only plumbing works required. Individual isolated system and thus easy to maintain and service. Timer can be placed far apart from each other as long as it has a water source. Come with optional Solar feature. Just use rechargeable batteries and the system will run for years. Cheaper overall cost compared to option a).

Conclusion: Personally, i prefer option b)

P/s: Both type of timers can have optional rainstop /rain sensor as attachment.

For more info, you may go to We provide irrigation solution to residence and commercial landscape.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Drip Nozzle

There are many types of drip nozzle. You may change it according to your preference and needs.

At sprinklerhouz, you can get all the varieties of the drip nozzle type. 
Some nozzle has adjustable cap to adjust the flowrate, some has pressure "regulator" to allow constant flowrate, some has moving part while some don't. 

For flower pots (Pasu Bunga), you may go for the one with minitube extension and dripper with stand(orange).

Different types of nozzle also provide varying spray/drip distance.The following videos shows some of the pattern produce by the different type of nozzle for drip system.

Dripper with Adjustable Cap

Nozzle with 1-2m Spray Radius (No Moving Part)

Nozzle with Dripper and Misting Combo

As mentioned in the previous post, Drip System can be installed DIY for residence unit. The basic units includes Water Timer, Soft Polypipe and nozzles. With the package, you can now go for holiday without worrying about you precious plants. 

You may get the DIY unit from through COD or Postage.

We will discuss about Misting System in the next post. Misting is ideal for Orchids  (pokok orkids) or mushroom (cendawan).

Monday, 6 January 2014

Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is ideal for Planter Boxes, Vertical Garden, Flower Pots (Pasu Bunga) and Scrubs (Pokok Renek).

The main component of the system consist of a Water Timer, Filter (optional), Soft Tube and Dripper Nozzle.

Vertical Garden at Changi Airport

Map View of Drip System for Residence

Drip for Flower Pots

Drip System for Agricultural

You may get the DIY set from